This Really Upsets Me!

Do your knees hurt after you exercise?


It was recently brought to my attention that people attending another gym in the area have “X-gym Knees” (X stands for the name of gym) – meaning painful, sore knees.


I did a short video about this topic because it really upsets me. Check it out here on Facebook or here on YouTube.


It’s really upsetting because people are damaging their bodies, some even permanently, and having to go through surgeries, when it can be prevented!


I understand that there is always risk of injury when you are being active and exercising.


HOWEVER, the risk of injury can be minimized when you do the proper exercise for YOUR body and how your body moves TODAY (versus 10+years ago).


For example, if you are significantly overweight, you haven’t exercised in a long time, or you’ve been a “desk jockey” for the past 2-20 years, then doing jump squats is probably (I’ll say definitely) more likely to result in injury than help you reach your goal.


In other words, the benefit to risk ratio is JUST NOT THERE.


I believe in a minimum dose effect. What can you do that gives you the MAX benefit for minimal risk?


We make these kind of decisions in life every day. What gives us the most benefit with the least risk? Why, then, when it comes to exercise, do we think that going all out max every single session is the best way to get results?


It’s not.


Some women are just not built for repetitive jumping, loaded squats, dead lifts, or even push-ups and planks.


Other women (and I believe it’s most) are simply not ready…yet.


They need to start off with exercises that improve their mobility and stability (in that order) BEFORE jumping or adding weight.


If you do certain exercises before your body is READY, your likelihood of injury is SIGNIFICANT.


At Her Fitness, every client gets screened.


Movement screening helps US help YOU. You stay safe AND get stronger!




If you’ve been working out somewhere else and have “X-Gym Knees,” reply back to set up your complimentary Success Session, and get a movement screening so you can stay safe AND get results!