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This lunge variation is great for women

The Split Squat is a great exercise no matter who you are!


I will always include this exercise in my routine throughout the year.


But, if you are a women who hasn’t exercised in a while or maybe you don’t feel very balanced, this supported Split Squat is a great way to hit the quads, hamstrings and glutes with less risk of injuring yourself.


Here are some tips:

Start at the bottom
Front foot is close to the Wall
Front knee is at 90 degrees
Back knee is 90 degrees
Back toe is tucked down so toes grip ground
Body is stacked and aligned: ear over shoulder over hip over knee
Using your front leg (push the ground away from you through your front front foot -the entire foot, not the toes) stand straight up.
Lower yourself in a controlled manner

You should feel this in your front thigh and glute.


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