Need support more now than ever.?

If you noticed, the subject line ends with a period and a question mark.

That means “yes, I need support more now than ever” and I’m also asking if you need support more now than ever.

This past week’s storm was stressful, the pandemic is stressful, school is starting and that is stressful and, boy, was I feeling it come Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

By last night, I was feeling apathetic, which is not a good way to feel. When your mindset is here, there is loss of creativity, it’s hard to hear God, and things usually don’t go your way, so yeah, a mindset shift needed to happen for me!

Luckily, I had an appointment set for this morning to see my ladies, my friends, a.k.a. my clients:)

Seeing them and being with them is part of my support system, even if they don’t know it!

They give me such good vibes and energy and I feel revived again.

I’ve also been around long enough to know that I really have to lean on my own coaches and really plug in.

So….. do you need support more now then ever?

If so, consider plugging into Her Fitness. You can be a part of our family away from family..each of us striving to be better than yesterday, each of us compassionate and encouraging to the other women, and yet, each of us at different points in our health and fitness journey.