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Have you been afraid to try Her Fitness?

Have you ever walked into a room and didn’t know anyone?

You weren’t confident of your current skill/knowledge/ability in the setting, you didn’t know exactly what was to come AND you volunteered yourself to go?

It’s not exactly a comfortable.

But…brave women who come to Her Fitness do it all of the time.

It can seem intimidating and so I think the ladies who show up for their first time to exercise with us are BRAVE!

BUT…it’s not really that scary!

Maybe you can relate to that fear and that’s why you’ve never taken me up on my offer for a free training session, a complimentary Success Session or even a phone consult, even though you really, really want to get into shape!

I want to ease your fears.

I want to let you know that the women of Her Fitness are absolutely amazing when it comes to Not Judging you!

Everyone remembers her first day…even I remember my first experience hiring a personal trainer and I couldn’t properly do a forward lunge.

I felt foolish at first (I was young and not very confident), but I finally got into the rhythm and YOU WILL, TOO.

My clients are welcoming, there are NO SAVED SPOTS (yeah, we’re not in 3rd grade anymore) and we all want to lift you up and see you succeed!

I realize this newsletter isn’t a tip, motivation, how-to, but it was something on my mind because I believe in what Her Fitness does for women in our community.

The women who already workout regularly are doing a great thing and now it’s time for YOU to take care of yourself, it’s time for you to get healthy – maybe lose some weight you’ve gained or just move your body – get stronger and get fit.

Hopefully, I’ve helped ease some of your concerns about connecting with me and if you have more questions, please reply back and we can set up a phone call.

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