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3 Myths about a Good Workout

3 Myths about a good workout

Myth #1 – It’s only a good workout if you sweat profusely

You can have a great workout that builds strength, mobility, reduces stress, improves your postures, decreases pain in your joints without sweat pouring off your forehead.

Myth #2 – Walking isn’t a good exercise

Far from the truth! Walking improves your immune system (pump the lymph!), lubricates joints, decreases blood pressure, can help increase vitamin (hormone) D if you walk outside without sunscreen, can increase your creativity by 60%, decreases risk of heart disease by almost 20%, walking after a meal can lower your blood sugar levels

Myth # 3 – If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work

Pain is weakness leaving the body, right? Such a stupid quote.

Pain is your body telling you that something isn’t right. What I’m NOT talking about is that feeling of muscle burning when you are lifting weights. I am talking about sharp pains, dull aches that don’t go away and you push through anyway, joint pain…that sort of pain is No good.

I’m a huge proponent of lifting weights for overall health, longevity, happiness, and body composition AND I also incorporate low impact, human movement based activities AND high impact and high intensity activities.

Most activities have their place and purpose. Mix it up, move around and don’t forget to rest!

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