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A Bad Day Doesn’t Have To Be Followed By A Bad Week.

Have you ever dropped your cell phone only to pick it up, throw it down on the ground and smash it with a baseball bat?

No, you haven’t. You don’t smash and ruin it completely because it’s still worth something.

It’s the same thing when we’re talking about your diet (the way you eat) or exercise.

Just because you ate an entire sleeve of Girl Scout thin-mints, doesn’t mean you eat the second sleeve. And it doesn’t mean that tomorrow is ruined, too.

Just because you missed a week of workouts, doesn’t mean you skip the rest of the month.

Yesterday, I had a not-so-great-day.

I didn’t do my planned run. That could easily turn into NOT working out today, but if I just let my emotions decide  – I’ll be out of shape in no time!

So instead, I got my clothes ready to go for this morning, my pre and post workout food also set up and ready to go  AND I’ve got a plan to run with a friend tomorrow.

I won’t let one bad day mess up my week.

If you turn one bad day into one bad week into one bad month, where will that get you?

You know exactly where that gets you. It gets you nowhere and a year from now, you’ll be in the exact same place you are today.

Don’t throw in the towel and give up on yourself over one or two choices.

“Today is a great day to have a great day.”  That phrase is hanging on my wall and it is a great reminder that today is a fresh start.

More “good” days than “bad” days (I use those terms loosely) are what you are after.

Go out there and make today a great day…stop dwelling on yesterday!

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