2 “Weird” Tips To Survive Holiday Dinner Parties

1. Keep white space on your plate. Don’t let your food mesh together on your dinner plate. During holiday meals there is so much to choose from that we tend to pile it all on at once and the food gets so mixed together you no longer see the plate. By separating your food enough so that you see the plate between the mashed sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, you can enjoy your favorite holiday without over eating.Picture of full plate of food

2. Chew your food until it’s liquid (or 50 chews per bite!)
This is guaranteed to slow you down, make you feel fuller faster and decrease bloating and gas (when you eat quickly you gulp down a lot of air.) A side benefit is that you will really enjoy the food and the company!

You can still enjoy your party, your friends and the food…just be sensible and you will feel great!

In good health,

Marie V. Ande, Fitness Expert to Busy Moms