10 Tips To Save 100 Calories

10 Tips to Save 100 Calories

1.    Fill your omelet with veggies instead of cheese.Try spinach, finely chopped kale, mushrooms, red & green peppers, carrot slivers and red onion. Load up!

2.    Have a black bean burger or turkey burger instead of a regular hamburger. Bison burgers are a good choice, too.

3.    Instead of soda, drink flavored seltzer or club soda with a splash of cranberry juice.I know some of you are cola addicts and think this won’t cut the mustard, but replace just ONE soda a day and slowly wean yourself!

Calories Add Up Over A Week, A Month, A Year

4.    Use Dijon or spicy mustard for egg salad instead of mayonnaise.

5.    Use one less tablespoon of oil or butter in recipes.

6.    Make a smoothie with water, berries, banana and greens instead of yogurt or milk.

Get Into The Habit Of Healthy Choices So They Become Second Nature

7.    Order or make broth-based soup instead of cream based soup.

8.    Skip the bread (and the butter or olive oil that comes with it.)You’re not missing anything but filler!

9.    When eating a burger (or grilled “sandwich”) skip the roll. Make it a knife & fork burger and still eat the tomato and lettuce. Add cucumbers or avocado for added crunch and flavor.

10. Drink unsweetened almond milk instead of whole milk.