Losing form due to fatigue is NOT okay.

Have you ever heard someone say something that made you smack your forehead and say to yourself “She did NOT just say that?!”

Recently, while watching a YouTube video of a trainer doing an intense follow along workout she made me go UGH.

Something to the effect of “I’m going to lose form now because I’m getting tired.”

Here’s my video take on that: oh, no she didn’t

It might seem like a small thing, but what if you hear that while  YOU are following along?

You might think that it’s okay if your form is off, it doesn’t hurt anything and “dang! I’m sweating so I must be working hard and it’s really uncomfortable…so it must be working”

But, NO..it’s not okay to knowingly lose form….that’s how you get hurt and that’s how your body breaks down slowly, over time.

A range of movement is okay, but poor form …..during your workout….Nope.

Fitness is for improving you, building you, making you better.

There’s plenty in your life that can wear you down, you don’t need it in your fitness regime, to.