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Two reasons you struggle to stick with a workout routine

One of the biggest reasons women don’t meet their fitness goals is because they are not consistent.

They simply don’t show up and workout.

One week she shows up three times, the next week she’s got a hair appointment and two emergencies during her workout appointment. (emergencies usually equate to doing something for someone else that could be done at a different time, or making an appointment on someone else’s time line…women are such “givers” that they don’t realize they are putting themselves last.)

But why? Why can’t you stick with it and why do you continue to struggle with sticking to your exercise routine?

Here are two reasons why:

1. You are equating consistency with intensity.

You’re either ALL IN or “it’s not worth doing at all.”

This is just untrue.

Jim Rohn, one of the first motivational speakers and author,  says this:  If you can’t do something big, do something small. Keep it simple and do something easy that you know you can accomplish day in and day out.

Stop lying to yourself by saying “this is too easy so it doesn’t count.” IT COUNTS.

Do one thing today and do it tomorrow and again the next and the day after that.

Something I struggle with staying consistent with is  planning my schedule. 

In the past, I resisted it so was too much to do.

Then I started small. The night before (this is the key!)  I would write down three things that I HAD to the next day. Once I started writing this list every night, I then began writing in the time that I would do it.

I started keeping containers of time in which things would get done.

It’s the same with exercise.

Instead of telling yourself that only a marathon will do, make a commitment to go for a walk around the block every day. It’s not such a big deal.

Before you know it, you’ll be going 2 miles and doing some squats just for fun;)

2. You are not committed.

A habit is built with time, patience, daily action, purpose and a sense of priority.

If you don’t really want to change, you probably won’t.

You’ve got to prioritize your goal. Have focus on it.

You want to exercise because you know how good you feel when you are done: the sense of accomplishment, feeling good about doing something for yourself, confidence in your body’s strength and so on; however because you’re not really committed or focused on really doing it, it doesn’t happen. 

You say to yourself “Tomorrow I’m going to exercise” and that’s as far as you get.

This is the typical scenario : You go to bed too late, don’t  lay out your exercise clothes and you’re not really sure of what “exercise” are going to do anyway, so as soon as you wake up the next day, everyone  is clamoring for your attention and low and behold, the day slipped away before you got a chance to workout.

Don’t let that happen any more. Commit to a time you will exercise, what you will do and make It happen.

If you find that you struggle with consistently making exercise a part of your life, think about these two points and then CHANGE. You can do it!

Maybe you need some help being held accountable? It’s often the case for women…we need an outside accountability coach! (by the way, I can help with that!) 

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