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Set fun goals to stay motivated

As many of you know,  three boot campers and myself recently ran in a muddy run called Run-A-Muk. It was a 5K (3.1 miles) race through fields, woods, water, mud, obstacles – man made and natural. Our team of four consisted of experienced runners and a first-time racer!

It was so much fun to run as a group and in the following class it was the hot topic of discussion! Campers were very excited to hear about our experience, especially from the first-timer. It was really great to feel the excitement and enthusiasm of everyone – not just the runners! All the chatter got everyone so psyched up that we’re already planning for multiple teams next year. Yeah! Go boot campers!

All the talk reminded me how important it is to set a goal outside of  just losing inches and fat. It’s easy to lose motivation when your hard work is only for vanity’s sake. It’s superficial and most often a slow reward. When you challenge yourself to climb a mountain, run a race, or walk for charity than your work outs have more meaning. You know that if you haven’t practiced walking miles at a time, come October when it’s time for the Avon Walk-A-Thon, you will be absolutely miserable (because I’m sure you would still walk – you just know you won’t be able to feel your legs at the end of day 1 if you haven’t practiced!)

So, my point is, setting up a personal challenge keeps you motivated to exercise when you don’t really want to exercise!

Here are some Action Steps for you:

1. Research a race or another fitness challenge and sign-up! It could be a running race, charity walk, bike race or spinning challenge. Kayaking, swimming, rock climbing or any other fun activity you find.

2. Work out with a friend (and sign-up for a race or activity with this person, too). It’s a lot more fun and keeps you going and accountable when you aren’t in the mood to exercise. This is one reason boot camp is so great. You make new friends and meet women who are just like you. It’s an outside support system so you’re not in it alone!

3. Make sure it’s fun and enjoyable. You will never stick with something you absolutely hate.

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