Low Back Pain? 4 Reasons and a video to help

Are you suffering from low back pain since we’ve been quarantined?

If so, here is a video of stretches and exercises for you to try.

Some reasons you might be suffering:

1. Stress – yes, muscles stiffen and grip when you feel emotional stress and some people feel this stress in their low back.

2. Your work station and chair are not ergonomically correct. Your in-office equipment might be better suited for you. The computer is at the right height, the chair is a work station chair (not your Barcalounger – are they still around??), the keyboard is lower than you elbows, etc.

3. All that painting, re-organizing and clearing out has you working in positions, reaching and twisting improperly and for extended periods of time.

4. You’re spending too much time in bed or on the sofa…get up and move:)