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How do you avoid the candy at work?

I used to think there was something seriously wrong with me.


I couldn’t stop thinking about food and the goodies that where in the break room at work.


After college, I worked in a physical therapy clinic. It was my first job outside of working for my parents.


It seemed like there was an endless supply of goodies, candy, whatever snack foods people didn’t want at home and gifts from grateful clients.


All of them calling my name…all day long. I seriously did think there was something wrong with my mind because I couldn’t stop thinking about going to get something to eat.


Looking back, I know it was a combination of things like being bored, not getting enough outside activity and my gut bacteria was out of whack so I was constantly craving foods that were high in sugar and not enough sleep.


So, when my clients tell me that they avoided the “candy table” at work…I’m really impressed!


Does your “candy table” at work look anything like this? :)) 


This is how I would handle the candy table or break room now:


1. Avoid it…at all costs! Do not go in the room where this junk is, if possible.

2. Make sure to load up on fruit and a starch early in the day. Nothing beyond what my body can handle, but I wouldn’t miss the healthy stuff.

3. Make a deal with myself. If I really wanted something, it would have to wait until Friday just before leaving for the weekend.

4. Remind myself that eating that stuff will make me feel bloated, crabby and irritable, dive bomb my energy levels and make my skin break out in pimples. I would create a small POSTER and have this in plain sight, every day!

5. Make sure to take my probiotic every day (I already do that!)

6. Get enough sleep and if I don’t, I would remind myself that lack of sleep causes cravings.

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