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Can’t get out of your own way?

Are you feeling stuck with your progress towards your health and fitness goals? Or any goals for that matter?

If you can’t seem to get out of your own way and make strides forward, start thinking about your thinking.

List all emotions or moods you can think of. The emotions are either “feel good” emotions or “feel bad” emotions.

For instance, joy, happy, enthusiastic, fulfilled, hope, inspired, love, gratitude, relaxed, curious, and so on, are “feel good” emotions.

On the other hand, fear, sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, hopelessness, cheated, bitter, resentful are on the “feel bad” spectrum.

When you feel stuck or can’t get out of your own way, often times it’s because you spend a high percentage of your day in the “feel bad” side of emotions.

Let’s call these feelings Two States Of Being: The 1. Beautiful State and 2. Suffering State.

When you are in the Beautiful State and feel good, you make good choices – you feel empowered and strong and you’ll take that apple over the donut!

When you are in the Suffering State and feel badly, you make choices that might feel good in the moment, but don’t serve you well or help you reach your goals. Maybe you are feeling anxious and fearful so instead of going to bed on time, you stay up late watching the news which feeds into your anxiety and fear AND leaves you feeling tired, grouchy and not recovered the next day.

In order to get out of your own way, you’ll need to be in the Beautiful State more often than not.

The fastest way to switch states is to feel grateful, because you cannot be in two state at once. You can’t feel angry and happy at once. You can’t feel sad and gleeful at the same time.

These two states of being can change quickly, too!

Have you ever been at a funeral and felt really sad and then someone reminds you of a happy moment you spent with the departed and you suddenly laugh? That’s two states, but not at the exact same time.

Remember that God wants the best for you, He love all of us…he will teach us and he ultimately wants the best for us.

With that in mind, you deserve good health.

If you spend more time in the “Beautiful” State, you’ll have more opportunities and be in a better position to make choices that align with your goals and big desires and you’ll begin the process of becoming “unstuck” and get out of your own way.

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