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The 2 Best Things You Can Be Successful At Weight Loss…That You Probably Aren’t Doing.

According to Josh Hillis, in his book with Dan John, Fat Loss Happens on Monday, the two things that would yield you the best fat loss results are

1.) Grocery shop regularly

2.) Prep your food
That’s it!

It’s not 10 things you MUST do to have fat loss…it’s 2 things that will get you the most results.

Did we just talk about this 80:20 rule last week and here it is popping up again. Most of your results, 80%, will come from 20% of work.  Just shop and prep.

How is it that you can can manage your weight by just shopping and prepping?

It’s because when people over-eat and they over-eat the wrong stuff!

How many times have you over-eaten broccoli or eaten too much chicken breast? Not too many times.

How many times have you over-eaten, say Frosted Mini-Wheats ;)?  (I know I could eat a whole box of those things so I do NOT buy them.)

What if you had a stocked refrigerator without all of the junk food and all of your meals were pre-planned and prepped?

You’d skip the temptations more often because you already had something made.

Planning and prepping is PRE-DECIDING what you will eat. 

THIS is a big take away……you don’t have to make any decisions when you are not qualified (i.e. tired and hungry) if you’ve already done the work!

If you didn’t get to the grocery store this past weekend…go today and plan out a day or two of meals.

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