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Did I Say “No” To The Black Bean Brownie?

The other day, my client, Donna,  posted a picture in our Client Only Facebook page of a hot cross bun with butter slathered all over it and she asked “Did I say No to this?”

It was a fun guessing game and everyone agreed the bun looked delicious! (Her answer was “no” and she had no regrets for passing on the bun.)

And so now, I’m sitting here thinking about how I said “No” to a black bean brownie.


Sometimes I buy lunch out. These delicious little black bean brownies stare at me while I am waiting for my food at this particular luncheonette.

I know walking into the place that I will have to make a decision: Do I buy a black bean brownie or do I NOT buy a black bean brownie?

The fact that this conversation goes on inside my head is kind of annoying, but none the less, it’s going on and taking up brain space.

Well, on this day, I did NOT buy the BBB.

When I left without the brownie  I was very proud of myself for restraining. (Play the Rocky theme song now!)

It was at that moment that I realized how big of a step saying “No” really is.

I felt good about that little Win…so good that I might just write it on the Win Of The Week board at Her Fitness;)

I wondered how other people feel.

Do they feel just as accomplished as I did? I bet so. Donna felt good about her decision to skip the hot cross bun.

Will saying “No” the first time to junk food set them on a path to health? It might.

And that’s what’s got me excited!

The first time you say “No” to something you always do (or maybe it’s a “yes” to something you don’t do) can be your jumping off point…

-from a life of over eating

-from eating the wrong stuff 

-going to bed too late 

drinking wine/alcohol every night

-even NOT exercising

When you muster up the courage to tell yourself “No, I won’t have that (insert frappuccino, ice cream, chip and dip, wine, etc.)” you have taken a big, big step towards changing your life.

What is One thing you can tell yourself “No” to today that will make you one bit healthier than you were yesterday?

One more note, next Saturday, March 17, we are hosting a free workout at 8:00. It’s our Bring-A-Friend Workout for a Cause and the cause is The Midland School.  I hope to see you there!

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