Do You Have Mis Directed Resentment?

Hey << Test First Name >>,

I know it’s late in the afternoon and I usually send an email early in the morning, but today…it just didn’t happen and I’m okay with that because it was for good reasons like:

1. I had to do some tasks normally done by an assistant who had to be with her dad (family before work!)

2. I had to prep some food

There was a time when I would have beat myself up for not getting an e-mail out on schedule and it would have ruined my whole day, but I’ve relaxed a bit and realize there are some things that take priority.

I’m really trying to live by prioritizing what I think is important.

Do you do that?

Are you on your own list?

I put myself on my list, while I’m not at the top (that is reserved for God), I am not at the bottom, either.

Many of my clients have a hard time putting themselves on the Priority List. I think it sort of just happened.

It is  natural, and expected, for a woman to take care of her babies before herself…there isn’t a choice!

But what happens when that baby starts to grow up? We kind of forget that there’s room for self-care.

It’s okay :), but if you’ve fallen in to the rhythem of taking care of everyone and every thing else before yourself, realize that you might feel worn-out, too tired for anything, aren’t living up to your full potential, feeling resentment that might be misdirected and your confidence and self-esteem are suffering.

You can’t possibly be the best wife, mom, sister, daughter, etc. when you aren’t taking care of yourself, too.

Today, I’d like to encourage you to write down your priorities and make sure YOU are on the list.

What one thing can you do today that will be self-caring and self-loving?

Maybe it’s exercise, go to bed early, read a book, take a bath, prep your meals for tomorrow, blow dry your hair (like, fully dry, and maybe even use a hot iron on it).

Whatever you think will help you be a better you.

Oh, and by the way, you can take a look at the breathing video again because 1) It’s a really great exercise and 2) I don’t know how to remove it 😉