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It’s not all about squats

Hit your hamstrings (back of thigh) and glutes…modified.

Love them for getting you stronger, love them for shaping your glutes and hamstrings – or rather, your backside.

In the video above I demo an alternate way to do a single leg deadlift.

Why single leg?

In life we spend a Lot of time on one leg. Let’s train it.

Why modify it?

Most of the women I see have a difficult time getting the proper positioning and instead of working and feeling this move in their butt and hamstrings, they feel it in their back. Using a glider or paper plate will help you get the correct movement pattern so you get the most bang for your exercise buck.


  • Brace your core/abs.
  • Straight back, think long in your back.
  • Don’t let your back round up or super arch.
  • I demo holding a weight in the goblet position. Try it without any weight at first.
  • Keep your hips higher than your knees.
  • Push your leg back, keeping it straight.
  • Imagine you have to ring a doorbell on the wall behind you using your butt. Push the bell hard enough to ring!
  • You should feel a stretch in (the back of)  your NON-moving leg.
  • At the point, stand up using the stationary leg, keeping the opposite foot/toe on a glider or paper plate.
  • Stand up tall, straightening the stationary leg fully.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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