A body weight exercise combo to try at home

Combo body weight exercise
Total body, body weight only, exercise to do at home, gym, hotel room.
Okay, busy lady, here’s one for ya’

We did this little combo as a finisher last Friday (2 rounds of 40 seconds on: 20 seconds off), but earlier in the day, I did this as the majority of my workout.

If you didn’t watch the video, go ahead and do it now. You’ll see there is a low impact version, too.

You can skip the push-up, you can add more squat jumps, you could do a knee to elbow move….there are lots of variations to this combo move that you could add just for the variety OR to make it more manageable.


  • Brace your core/abs – no sway-back backs
  • Feet wider to make it easier to touch your hands to the ground
  • Hands flat in that tall plank position (get off of those fingertips and spread/stretch  your fingers apart and grip the ground)
  • No “floppy squats” – sternum up, ladies!

Having a professional trainer can help you decide which options to do, so as always, if you have any questions about what you see, please reply back with them!

I hope your day is “On Fire!” like mine will be 😉