“Everyday” Women getting stronger

Half Kneeling Sandbag Chop Lift
Core Exercise with sandbag
I get am totally PUMPED UP today!

Everyone crushed their workouts this morning and it gets me fired up to see their efforts pay off!

Our workouts are cycled and we program different phases. Each phase is anywhere from 4-6 weeks long.

Almost like clockwork, it happens during the last week of a phase…..personal bests and achievements and BUSTED PLATEAUS.

This is coming from “everyday” type of women, women like you and me. These women have families, jobs, businesses and they don’t spend their life in the gym…far from it!

We saw numerous demonstrations of women getting stronger...and like I said, it gets me fired up!

This is one reason Her Fitness exists………….To help women Get Stronger!! 

Here are some examples of what some of our clients did this week that they didn’t do last week:

  • Hold a plank for 45 seconds
  • Move heavy weights with ease
  • Do a full military style push-up with assistance and ease
  • Squat while holding heavy weight

The energy was amazing today!

If you are not working out and lifting weights, You are MISSING OUT!

When you get stronger, you are more confident in your bodies ability to do things. You develop more confidence in yourself overall and you are more likely to:

  • Do things that you might not have done in the past
  • Put yourself out there
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Help other people

…..and so on.

If you don’t lift weights, you should.

If you don’t know how or what to do, ask.

And, hey, if you didn’t check out the video from yesterday – click on it above to see a dynamic way to strengthen your core!