Core/Abs Exercise for Busy Moms

Half Kneeling Sandbag Chop Lift
Core Exercise with sandbag
Good Morning!

I know you want a stronger, flatter core…I do, too!

In the video I demo an exercise using a Sandbag (it’s only about 10#!), but you can use almost anything.


-Go into 1/2 Kneeling with your back/down toe gripping the ground so you can squeeze that same side glute.

-Set up in alignment so that your back/down knee is in line with your hip, shoulder and ear.

-Kip your lower ribs down and closer to your front hip bone. Brace your core!

-Grip the sandbag or whatever you’ve got and “Pull the handles apart.” to engage shoulder and back muscles.

-Bring the sandbag up and over and down to the other side without wobbling.

-Work on controlling excess motion through the hips and abdominal region.

If you have any questions about how to do this exercise or why we do it the way we do it, please reply back to this e-mail.

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