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Are You Looking For The Worsts Or The Bests?

I hope you enjoy the snow today!

We are without power.  It was restored for a few hours and then a wire snapped from the heavy snow.

This could be an opportunity to be very bitter. Afterall, I’ve come to expect that when I turn the light switch there will be light!

Right now, we are warm.  We have running water and a gas stove and as you might know from yesterday’s newsletter , a generator to give us some light and keep the refrigerator going. Plus, we are healthy and my husband got home safely after snowplowing last night.

I am grateful.

How about you? Are you looking for all the “worsts” or are you looking for the “bests”?

From personal experience, shifting from looking for what is wrong to looking for what is right has made a big difference in my level of happiness.

If you are a natural pessimist, give gratitude a try today. Make it the first thing you do in he morning and the last thing before you do at night.

Start with the most obvious, like your family and health and expand the circle of gratitude to include even the the things you might not think of every day, like automatic light when you flip a switch or when you hit a button and  your house automatically gets warmer.

Enjou this snow and by by the way, if I haven’t told you, I am grateful for you, my clients and readers :)

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