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I Can’t Even Start The Generator!!

Our home is still without power and it may not be until next Monday that we are fully up and running.

Thankfully, my husband is on top of this this with generators and heaters and we do have city water and gas stove, so we are getting by better than other people and I am so very grateful for what we do have (and for my awesome husband for being prepared!)

Now, to get on to what I am so mad about!!

Mike and I agreed that I should know how to start the generator in case he’s not home to do it (we turn the generator off when we aren’t home and at night.)

When I attempted to get it going  (it is NOT a push button start) and  pulled the cord, all I could muster was a  Clu-Clunk!

I COULD NOT pull the cord with enough power to turn the engine over.

I was/am mad!

I am soooo mad that my current strength isn’t strong enough and you better believe I will be working on getting more powerful to be able to start that generator!

Maybe you can relate to not feeling strong enough in certain situations. 

Ladies, we  need to be strong!

We need to be able to help ourselves and to be helpful to others and there might  be a time when we need to be physically strong to be helpful.

Don’t be afraid of becoming “too strong” because you will look masculine. You will NOT look like a man!

Lifting weights is not all about burning fat and slowing the aging process.

It’s also about being physically capable.

If you are afraid to lift weights because you’re not sure what to do, how to do it safely, or maybe you are embarrassed because you are someone who “should know” know what to do….Stop being fearful of lifting because We are here to help you!

Most clients who first come to Her Fitness haven’t worked out or lifted weights in years or they have Never lifted weights, but you know what….we coach our clients to get healthy, fit and strong so you aren’t alone, don’t need to be afraid or embarrassed!

It’s so awesome and if you want to feel great, get stronger and be healthier just let me know by replying back.

You can always try us out with our 21-Day Jump Start program before committing to any long term group personal training program.

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