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Adapt Improvise Adjust

Have you ever experienced a change of routine and it throws off your whole day or week or month off? Of course you have.

It happened to me this past week and it is why you are getting this newsletter at 6 Pm’ish  instead of 6 AM!

It happens to all of us and it’s how you adjust that matters. 

What do you do when that change of schedule messes with your workout routine or your healthy eating?

You adapt, improvise or adjust. 

So you don’t have an hour to workout, then do 15 minutes of body weight exercises. You do 5-10 minutes of diaphragm exercises (aka, breathing exercises).

Let’s say you were running around late into the afternoon and now you don’t have time to make dinner, but while you were at Costco or Shop-Rite you were able to pick up a platter of shrimp cocktail or roasted chicken, pre-made salad and a package of blueberries.

Maybe it isn’t exactly what you intended or wanted, but it is better than not doing any exercise or going through the drive through.

Think of ways to make the best choice in your current situation.

Good – Better -Best….what’s the best choice right now.

Most of the time this frame of mind will keep you moving in the right direction.

By the way, we have power again!

AND, next Saturday, March 17, we are hosting a free workout at 8:00. It’s our Bring-A-Friend Workout for a Cause and the cause is The Midland School.  I hope to see you there!

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