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Water Does A Fat Loss Program Good

Drink water to boost fat burn
Drink water to boost fat burn

I’ve been on a non-water kick this winter and it happens every year.  I don’t know why this happens because there are so many benefits to drinking the appropriate amount of water. Maybe it’s the cold temperature. In any case, for me, I first notice it in my skin.  My skin becomes dry and the wrinkles start to become more visible than ever. This is my wake-up call and I begin to think about how I am also affecting my ability to burn fat!

Our bodies are between 60-80% water and, as you well know, we can’t survive very long without water. It lubricates joints, removes wastes, relieves constipation, excretes excess sodium, improves your metabolism, aids in circulation, mobilizes fat, prevents dehydration, maintains muscle tone, hydrates skin and organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients, maintains body temperature, and lessens water retention. 

Here’s a simple explanation of why we need water to burn fat. Our kidneys don’t function properly without enough water. Without enough water they will dump some of their load onto the liver and the liver functions to metabolize fat. If the liver has to do some of the kidney’s job than it can’t metabolize and burn fat. The fat gets stored instead of used

Drinking the proper amount of water also prevents you from eating too much. Food provides us with water so your body will give the “eat” signal.  Have you ever noticed that you crave bread, bagels, and pasta and you’re not really hungry? You might actually be thirsty and your body is craving water so you eat foods that help retain water. 

Also, if you are drinking water than you are not drinking soda, high calorie sports drinks, concentrated juices or other high calorie drinks.

How much should you drink? Here are two easy formulas’ I use. One, drink in ounces, half your body weight. So if you weigh 160 pounds than drink 80 ounces of water. Two, is to drink one liter for every 50 pounds of body weight.

 Your action steps: Figure out how much water you should be drinking.  Every morning place that amount of water in a container and pour from there.  Drink your water throughout the day so it will absorb. If you drink a liter at one time, you’ll just be in the bathroom excreting it. Also, avoid drinking in the last two hours of the day so your sleep won’t be interrupted with visits to the bathroom.

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