1 Step To Boost Your Body Image

How great would you feel if you looked into the mirror and thought, “I look really great!”? Well, you can do that! 

It’s really that simple. You can tell yourself whatever you want to; no one can hear you, no one can judge your unspoken thoughts.  Go ahead and tell yourself how good you look, that your legs are shapely or your skin is creamy. Remind yourself that you’ve done 8 out of 8 planned workouts, that you’ve eaten breakfast everyday this week or that you got to bed by 10:00 on at least 5 out of 7 nights.

Notice the good stuff inside and out, take credit for the positive steps you have taken so far and Tell Yourself daily the all the great stuff you see and feel! When you notice something positive about your body, relish it.

Here’s an action step to keep you moving in the right direction:  Get a simple composition book.  You know, the ones we got in grade school, with the black cover and simple lined paper inside. Write down a positve thought you have about yourself.  If you’re really stuck ,it could be unrelated to body image, it just has to be positve about YOU! Write something everyday and when you’re feeling particularly down or unmotivated, read your journal, over and over and over!  It really works!

In good health. Your friend & coach,