Why your digestion will improve

Last week I challenged you to eat your meals and NOT watch TV/screen time or read.


Yep, just focus on the meal and only eat.


This is why….it improves your digestion.


Reading or watching something requires a lot of blood flow to the eyes and brain so the blood flow gets shunted away from the gut.


Your digestion will suffer.


Poor digestion causes bloating, gas, and poor nutrient absorption.


It’s especially important to think about this as you age (and I’m not talking old, I’m talking over 30) because your stomach enzymes begin to decline and digestion is harder than it was in your 20’s…we need to give it all the help we can!


Here’s another little factoid: Digestion begins when you start thinking about food, so if you are thinking about what the latest news headlines are, you are missing the very first step in breaking down your food!


Isn’t that interesting?!


Just think about a sour lemon and your mouth puckers and you begin to salivate.


That is where the physical part of digesting your food begins …in the mouth.


So, if you haven’t taken the challenge…try at least one meal today where you only focus on the food!