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Why use a food journal? I don’t care!

Why should you write down everything you eat and drink?

The most important reason is because it works!

Most of my clients find me because they want a safe, non-judgemental place to work out at and a trainer who will actually help them achieve the results they are after – Fat Loss!

Fat loss is important to many of us because we feel more energetic, healthier, more confident, stronger and just plain “Better” when we are of good body weight and “lean-ness.”

When a client comes to me and fat loss or improving  health is her primary reason for showing up, one of the first things I have her start is a food journal.

Woman filling out food journalSome people blow it off.

Those who want to change, who want to look good, feel good, have more energy and fit into their short from two summers ago will follow my advice and fill out the food journal and hand it in.

It is a proven tool and winners of the fat loss game use it.

It’s just a tool.

What it is NOT is a judgement meter. I don’t really care what you are eating, I care that we fix what needs fixing.

I guess that’s not completely accurate because I do care what you are eating.

I care because I KNOW what you put into your mouth will make your body and mind feel good or feel poorly and I want you to feel GREAT! However, I don’t think differently of you as a person – as long as you have high morals and values, respect for others, don’t steal, your kind, etc. – if you drink a bottle of red wine and eat a block of cheese.

As your personal trainer and as a woman on a mission to help other women feel great, be strong and have positive, optimal health related  influence on their families, the only reason I care is because I know the impact it will have on your body, emotions and spirit.

Start today on your own food journal and stop putting emotions on the food you eat, just ask for help on how to build strategies around eating better quality foods that will give you more energy, confidence, strength and health.

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