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Liz’s Success Story!

Liz started working with me 1 year ago. I remember our first one-to-one meeting. She was reluctant at first. I’m pretty sure she was thinking “Yeah, right. How’s this going to be different from other things I’ve tried.”

Well, 1 year later and 55 pounds lighter, she’s still at Her Fitness and still “literally working her A** off” as Liz likes to say!  Congratulations Liz on your hard work and efforts! After all, you don’t even fit into your “goal” clothes…they’re too big!

Liz went out of her comfort zone big time…joining in a group of women, not just a couple other people, but 10-15 other people at the same time. She gets up way earlier than she really wants to, does workouts on her own, shows up for her appointments with me for measurements, motivational chats, movement screens and anything else I throw her way. Liz even gives up her free time at Christmas to help me with my “Wrapping Extravaganza” client appreciation event.

Liz is the bomb at home, too. She’s always talking about her family and loving relationship with her three sisters, takes care of her nieces and nephew and helps her parents and grandmother.

Liz’s favorite piece of workout equipment is Resistance Bands and she thinks other women should workout at Her Fitness because it’s not just a gym – it’s a lifestyle change! She’s learned better nutrition and improved mindset. Oh, last tidbit about Liz…her secret ambition is to take over the world!

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