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Why the weight is not coming off like you think it should

This may seem very, very obvious, but it’s worth saying:  If you have fat to lose and the scale is not budging then maybe you are eating too much and not moving enough. Ta Dahhhh. I know what you are thinking, “Marie, you are a genius!” :) 

Seriously, though, we talk about so many topics and reasons why you may be stuck at a certain point on the scale (or body fat), like eating processed food, eating too little, not getting enough sleep, doing long slow cardio, having an under-active thyroid, not lifting heavy enough weights and so on and so on that you may believe total calories has nothing to do with weight loss.

I’m sorry if I misled you into thinking that calories don’t count because they do. Here’s the short and sweet of it: if you are eating nothing but clean, lean protein; fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and you are still not losing fat then more than likely you are consuming too many calories compared to the amount you expend.

Sometimes we need to just bring it back to the simplest equation.

Here are some action steps to start today:

1.      Start a food journal and record everything you eat and drink. Sports drinks, wine and special coffee drinks can add a ton of extra “forgotten” calories. The journal will help you see how much and how often you are eating… a Hershey’s Kiss here, a Hershey’s Kiss there might be making a bigger difference in your progress than you believe.

2.      Make sure you are being active every day. It doesn’t have to be HIIT every day, but if it’s 9:00 at night and you suddenly realize that your bum is going numb because you’ve been on the computer since 8:00 in the morning – it’s time to schedule in a movement break.

Good luck!

Your friend and Coach,


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