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Fitness Empowerment Program

Fitness Empowerment: Lose Weight, including your Baby Belly by changing the way you exercise, eat AND by Changing your Mindset!  Fitness Empowerment helps busy moms who can’t seem to get out of their own way when it comes to weight loss. Have you said, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it?”  Then you secretly wish you could “do it”.  “Doing it” means to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and take care of yourself so you lose weight and feel energized! If you are always putting your family first and yourself  never, it’s time  to start taking care of yourself, NOW! 

Why don’t you exercise? Why don’t you choose vegetables over mashed potatoes?  It’s because your mindset is holding you back. If you knew how to change you would have done it long ago, but you keep going in circles. Maybe you eat well one day and the next time the kids want pizza, your diet is down the drain. By the way, I hate the word diet! Diet to me means how and what you eat, not deprivation and hunger! Did you ever say, “Tomorrow I will get up early and exercise?” You do this for about a week or two and then you decide your sleep is more important so you fall off the exercise wagon.

If you could be happy exercising and happy eating foods you ate, losing weight and keeping it off would be simple! That is what Fitness Empowerment will help you do! No more dreading exercise. No more telling everyone “I’m on a diet. I can’t eat that” and then feeling miserable because you can’t enjoy what they are eating.

Would you love to wake up feeling energetic and have that same energy until bedtime? How about having a flat belly again and muscle definition in your legs and arms? This can be you!

Fitness Empowerment is not your ordinary exercise program. It is a 10 week transformational program because we work on your mindset and your fitness! Not only can you lose a dress size and your baby belly, you will learn  how to think differently about exercise, eating and taking care yourself. Your attitude will change and you will love the way you look and  how you feelA side bonus: you will have a positive impact on your family!


Why do some busy moms lose the fat and others don’t? It’s because they: 

  • Take the first step and say “Yes” to taking care of themselves.  Busy moms who are successful at weight loss know that her health and well -being is just as important as her family’s. You know what they say, “When Mom is happy, everyone is happy.”
  • Get outside support. No one can do it all alone.  We all need other people to help us shine and be our best!
  • Are open-minded and are willing to learning new ideas and techniques for exercise, cooking, shopping and self-talk.
  • Don’t make excuses. Period.
  • Work with high level health and fitness professionals who understand their needs, know how to take them step-by-step through the process of stubborn fat loss and who really care about their success.

Make the commitment to do what it takes.  Busy moms who are successful at fat loss expect that it will take a commitment of time, money and effort.


Is This Class Right For Me?

  • I’m a busy mom who takes care of the house, the kids, my husband (or other family member), packs the lunches, and does the laundry. I’m always rushing to drop the kids off or pick them up. I am  a girl scout/boy scout leader, soccer coach, class-room mom or directly involved with my kids/husbands extra-curricular activities. I am always taking care of everybody else and at the end of the day, I’ m dog tired!

  • I know it’s important to exercise and eat right, but I just don’t know how to get started.

  • I want to set a good example for my children, but I’m afraid to start something by myself because I might give up and that is not the example I want to set!

  • I’m overweight and don’t feel that great.

  • I want o wear jeans again!

  • I want to be able to ride bikes, take a long walk, run around with my kids, play soccer/baseball/swim, etc.

  • I don’t like the way I look in pictures.

  • I want to feel attractive to my husband again…and myself!

  • I know what to do to lose weight, but I still haven’t been able to do it and I’m frustrated! It’s like I can’t get out of my own way.


What You Will Learn.

  • Exercises that give you the most bang for your buck.
  • To Love Exercise and Love eating food that supports your body instead of drain it!
  • How to make exercise a part of your personality – it’s who you are!
  • How everyday choices can make or break your energy levels.
  • What foods and when to eat them to help you lose weight, permanently.
  • Why your mindset may be getting in your way and not allowing you to lose weight.
  •          Exercises to do when you are on your own, when you travel and even ones that you can do with your kids!
  • How sleep effects your ability to lose weight, maintain weight loss and maybe even preventing you from losing it in the first place!
  • What to order when you eat out so you stay on track …and love the food!
  • How to stay fit when you are really short on time!
  • Quick, easy breakfasts to keep you strong, lean and energized!
  • The fastest 4 minutes of exercise to improve your fat burning ability, heart health and muscle strength!
  • How regular exercise gives you confidence and makes you feel empowered to do anything!


“If you want something badly enough, you find away around the obstacles.” Sir Richard Branson


As a Fitness Empowerment Member, you get to experience:

  1. 10 weeks of 3 workouts per week with Marie or Team. (Value: $2800)
  2. Access to FlemingtonBoot Camp classes during the 10 weeks and for one month afterwards. This is great if you must miss a F.E. class and so you can continue on. (Value: $756)
  3. Before and After Photos and Measurements/Assessment. (Value: $250)
  4. Worksheets to help you implement the program. (Value:$100)
  5. Accountability buddy. (Value: invaluable!)
  6. Daily affirmations sent to you via e-mail (Value: $89)
  7. Access to Marie via e-mail and telephone (Value: invaluable!)
  8. Home Workout Program. (Value: $197)
  9. Meal Plans. (Value: $125)
  10. Weekly measurements taken so you can stay motivated by your progress. (Value: $250)
  11. Charts, journals and logs to help keep you accountable. (Value: $25)
  12. List of Pantry Must Haves. (Value: $10)
  13. List of Foods Never To Eat For Optimal Fat Loss. (Value: $10)
  14. Supermarket tour so you can learn new shopping skills, how to read labels and more. (Value: $25)
  15. $25 The Little Gym Bucks. So your little ones learn the importance of activity! (Value: $25)
  16. 20 Minute Complimentary Massage from Balanced Blend Therapeutic Massage Therapy, because reducing stress is vital for weight loss! Plus, when you do this complimentary massage you will be given the opportunity to purchase a 1 ½ hour massage for only $60! (Value:$105)
  17. 30 Minute Complimentary Nutritional Breakthrough with Csilla Bischoff, founder of You will receive a new awareness of what might be causing your current health challenges, a renewed sense of energy about turning it around and a next step action plan for moving your health into the next phase. ($100)
  18. Lunch & Learn. Have lunch with Marie at Blue Fish Grill and practice eating out for optimal health and satisfaction! (Value: $50)

Total Retail Value of Training + Bonuses = $4700.00+

Your Fitness Empowerment Investment

 $500 initial deposit, plus $333.34 per month for 3 months


Invest in the entire program at once for $1300 and save a generous $200 plus receive an additional home program to use when you are on your own.

Class is held at The Edge on Royal Road in Flemington. May 6 -July 15, 2011.

6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. or 11:45 a.m.

No Class on May 30,  June 13 or  July 4th.


FE Investment Plan 7:00 a.m.
  Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $500.00 USD
2 after 1 month $333.34 USD
3 after 2 months $333.33 USD
4 after 3 months $333.33 USD
Total $1,500.00 USD
FE Investment Plan 11:45
  Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $500.00 USD
2 after 1 month $333.34 USD
3 after 2 months $333.33 USD
4 after 3 months $333.33 USD
Total $1,500.00 USD
FE Investment Plan 6:00 a.m.
  Number of payments 4
No. Due* Amount
1 At checkout $500.00 USD
2 after 1 month $333.34 USD
3 after 2 months $333.33 USD
4 after 3 months $333.33 USD
Total $1,500.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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