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What Is A Workout Finisher

A “finisher” is typically a high intensity, short time exercise or series of exercises done at the end of a workout segment, typically a strength or hypertrophy training session.

The intent is to improve cardiovascular conditioning, increase muscular endurance/conditioning, increase your bodies ability to burn fat, and even to increase or improve your fortitude.

Here are some dos and don’ts.


  • Choose an exercise that is familiar. You can work harder when you’ve done the exercise before.


  • Make sure your form remains tip-top. Poor form leads to energy leaks and injury.


  • Consider your goals. If you don’t care about getting big biceps – leave the bicep curls out, but if you want more shapely butt, try lunges and squats.


  • Have some fun! Yes, you might want to puke at the end, but hopefully you enjoyed the process ;)


  • Use heavy loads. Save this for your strength workouts


  • Lose form. See above.


  • Be married to them. Some days, you skip them. If the workout took longer than you thought, or you are completely wiped from the main training session, skipping a finisher won’t have a lasting negative impact and might actually be helpful.

Here’s an example of what we did the other day:
30 seconds on: 15 seconds off, 2 rounds

1. Side plank right (anti-lateral flexion)
2. Front plank elbows (anti-extension)
3. Side plank left

The focus was our core. While we always incorporate core activity throughout the workouts, I like to add a CORE “Exclamation Point” on our workouts, especially when we do metabolic resistance programs, which is the phase we are in right now.

Women over 35-40 (and often younger) really need concentrated core activity and activation so it’s a huge part of our programming at Her Fitness.

ohhh..and speaking of core…I will be talking about our core and belly at an upcomping event called “Flat(ter) Belly” Talk.

On Thursday, May 3 at 6:30 p.m., I will be at N’ Joy Yourself  50 Stangl Road, Flemington. N’ Joy Yourself has offered special discounts and an evening of private shopping. For $25, your spot is  reserved  AND that money goes towards your purchase at N’ Joy Yourself (it’s like buying a gift certificate to NJY).

You will learn how YOU can get a Flatter Belly and get tips that you can implement IMMEDIATELY!

Space is limited to 15 women.

Let me know if you have questions about Finishers or want to join us on May 3rd!

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