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5 Weight Loss Obstacles Busy Moms Face

Let’s face it….we are ALL busy, moms, dads, singles, married.

It’s a way of life here in New Jersey.

But moms, well, the moms I know are the most busy group of  people I know.

After years of working with these busy moms, I’ve noticed some common trends that impact their ability to lose weight (aka body fat).

Obstacle #1. Skipping meals (especially breakfast).

“I’ll eat when the kids are done.”

“I just had too much to do.”

“I’m not hungry in the mornings.”

Whatever the reason, skipping meals leaves your body in a semi-starvation mode. There’s enough food to keep going, but NOT enough food to do anything (like burn fat) except survive.

I get it. My mornings go fast, too and I often make a meal replacement shake or something else that’s pretty fast and easy.

  • The one I usually make is My Custom Cleanse Protein Powder + Raspberries + coconut oil + spinach  (my favorite).


  • You could also make up hard boiled eggs ahead of time and with a piece of fruit and some crunchy veggie sticks or green beans, you’ve got a full meal.


  • Steel cut oats (quinoa is also an option here) the night before mixed with protein powder is also very easy and fast.


  • Egg Muffins made ahead of time loaded with veggies and a side of berries.


Obstacle #2. Failing to Make it to Their Workout “Appointment”

Sure, moms manage to get their kids to every single appointment – doctor, sports, piano, Girl/Boy Scouts and so on. 

Why? Because they love their kids and want their kids to feel good, have fun, be healthy in mind and body, learn lessons and responsibility and moms do what it takes to make sure their kids get to all of their scheduled events and appointments.

But what about your workout? Has that appointment slipped by? “Yeah, I know” is the most common response when I talk to women about their own workouts.

If you really did know how exercise benefited you, you wouldn’t miss your own workout appointment. 

Beside, your actions speak louder than words. Your kids are WATCHING you more than they are listening to you.

Set the example, especially for your daughters!

Obstacle #3. Not eating enough protein.

Of the hundreds and hundreds of women I’ve worked with, NOT getting enough protein is the most common trend.


  • builds muscle
  •  keeps us feeling full
  •  gives us energy
  • improves brain function
  • is needed to make hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters

Proteins are long chains of amino acid molecules that we get from our diet. While the body can make some amino acids, there are some “essential” amino acids that we must get by eating protein foods.

When you don’t eat enough protein you might experience:

  • Low Energy
  • Low concentration
  • Mood swings
  • Unstable blood sugar (oh, those highs and lows!)
  • Trouble maintaining or losing weight


So, fellow moms, please get your protein in at every meal!

Obstacle #4. All cardio and no weights.

Sure, it feels good to break a sweat and get your heart pumping BUT you need more than cardio to lose wight and get “toned” muscles.


Yes, I’m all for cardio…in the right amount and the proper intensity. But cardio can’t be your go-to.

Lifting weights should be your “go-to”

  • changes the way you LOOK
  • improves your health, including your heart health
  • Increases bone density
  • Burns MORE FAT over the course of 24 hours than just doing cardio
  • Makes you feel invincible…that’s a cool side effect ;)

Obstacle #5. Too much wine at night. 

I know this is hard to hear: “If you want to lose weight, get rid of your two-glass a night habit.”

It’s become pretty common place for everyone to drink wine at night just to “calm down”

Wine increases the hormone insulin which is a FAT STORING hormone.

Find something else to do to calm your nerves – face the problem, don’t concern yourself with things you can’t change, delegate the problem, get some sleep, do some deep breathing, read a book, go for a walk – drinking numbs, but it doesn’t solve – plus, it’s keeping you fat.

I have faith in you, moms!

Start being the healthy example you want your children to follow.

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