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What Is A Champion?

What does the word champion mean to you?

In the book, Mindset, by Carol Dweck, she tells us what Billie Jean King says a champion is: “The mark of a champion is the ability to win when things are not quite right- when you’re not playing well and your emotions are not the right ones.”

Dweck says a champion is “what makes you practice, and it’s what allows you to dig down and pull it out when you most need it.”

I am honored to work with many champions. The women who attend Flemington Boot Camps are champions, whether they know it or not.

They show up even when they don’t really want to.

They push themselves in every workout even when they are tired from the stresses of life and not getting enough sleep.

They smile and encourage their team-mates during session.

They pick up a heavier weight.

They move a little faster.

They are inspiration their families.

They are role models for their children, especially their daughters.

They say, “I CAN!”

Then, they “DO”

Here is only one example of what being a champion is and it came to my in-box not that long ago:

“I so did not want to come today and even most of the way thru the work out I wanted to cry and go home. I’m stressed and tired. Every time you told me to do a bridge, or hold my plank, or push it, it pissed me off…. But then I dug down like I always do and I told myself “I will not fail”, and I kept going. And just like I do one day at a time, I rose to the challenge and just kept going. I do what I do at work not for myself, but for my family. I do what I do in your class for myself and no one else. Thank you.”

No, Kelly, Thank you! You are a true Champion and Inspiration to us all!
Get Stronger. Get Better!
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