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6 Habits of Super- Fit People



1.   They get plenty of sleep – According to Jillian Michaels “Sleep is critical for a strong immune system, metabolism, anti aging — the list goes on and on.” Look to get at least 7-8 hours per night.  If you’re trying to drop some fat, this is really important because only two nights of skimping on sleep will elevate your ghrelin hormone (hunger hormone) and decrease your leptin (satiety hormone)


2.    They don’t “diet”- They just eat healthy foods in reasonable quantities 90% of the time.



3.    They find a way to enjoy exercise- You’ll never stick to something you hate, so find something you enjoy. Bob Harper says, “For me, working out is a form of therapy, it’s cathartic for me, it’s a good stress reliever,” he told Parade in 2013. “I know that when I go to the gym I am taking care of myself and I know I’ll feel so much better afterwards.”


4. They eat breakfast – “I never miss breakfast,” says track superstar Sanya Richards-Ross. Not only are breakfast eaters healthier and leaner, they also have more energy and are in a better mood than non-rise-shine-eaters.


5.    They make exercise a priority- They don’t make excuses. They just do it! Joe Weider, The Father of Body Building says,We have one body to last us for our time on Earth. That’s it. There are no do-overs. What we have is it, and if we don’t treat it right it will fail us, possibly long before our souls are ready to call it quits. That’s why we must make exercise a priority. Healthy eating too.”



6.    They get support – Show me a really fit person who doesn’t have a coach, mentor, spouse or friend to lean on for support. Setting up a support system is one of the most critical steps in reaching your goals, whether you are ready to up your game or just start up.

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