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Wanna See What Are Workout Was Yesterday?

Another snow day tried to throw us off yesterday, but we didn’t let it ruin our workouts at Her Fitness!

In fact, snow day workouts seem to be even more fun! We feel soooo good when we are done, too!

Here’s what we did yesterday for four rounds.

1. Burpees – they are “Squat Thrusts”…remember them?

2. Band Squats – Do a body weight squat or a squat with added resistance from a band

3. Tall Plank to Toe Touch – A plank on your hands, not elbows, and reach under to touch (towards) your opposite toe.

4. Mini-Band Lateral Tap – Put a mini-band around your ankle and steady squat one leg while the other foot taps out to the side.

5. Seated Row – Sit down, put a band around your feet and pull back.

If you don’t know how to do these, that’s totally fine! At Her Fitness we coach you on how to do these OR how to do something you CAN do.

Don’t let “I don’t know what to do” stop you.

Remember: You working out, you taking care of your health and fitness, you getting stronger MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. 

Yes, I just yelled;) !

Okay, so, maybe you don’t care about making the world a better place for the rest of us because you are more peaceful, have less illness and disease and you do bigger and better things because you are more confident.…then how about this:

You are happier when you work out.

Yeah, let’s go the selfish route. YOU feel better about yourself, your body feels better, you feel more energetic, you stand taller, you can physically DO more.

Your relationships can improve – you’re not so snappy, and when you exercise regularly you are putting yourself on the list.

So, really, it’s not about “just a workout” it’s about How working out and exercise Makes You Feel!

THIS is the power of exercise…it’s how it makes you feel.

Whatever you do today…take care of yourself with movement and exercise (and maybe that will be a lot of snow shoveling!)

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