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Move it!


Freedom of Movement

How much do you move?

How often do you move?

Do you move just for fitness & health?

Do you move about for fun or functionality?

Do you squat, lift, stretch, reach, pull, push, bend, hold, climb up?

Are you barefoot, sneakers, flats or high-heels?

Are you clothed, naked, or half-dressed?

Are you breathing with all of your lung capacity or less than?

Do you run?

Do you walk?

Do you sleep with a pillow or without?


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MOVEMENT! So much more than you think.

Katy Bowman, movement specialist and biomechanist, has had an influence on me. She studies movement like no one else I know of. Please check out her web site here :

When you move well, you feel well. When you move well and are in alignment, you reduce your risk of disease (and joint pain, of course).

I have been moving better and feel better.

In addition to my specific exercises for fitness and alignment that is done at a specific time of the day, I also incorporate movement for the sake of moving and stretching – I just move in a way that feels like I need to or should. For instance, I may squat down low in the kitchen or do some hip swings at work.

Try moving. All types of moving. Regularly if you want to make a difference.

If you want some help in figuring out how to move better, just send me an e-mail at or call 908-963-5257. We are located in Flemington and work exclusively with women. Our personal training systems are like no other in the area. So if you want to become Healthy, Fit and Strong, plus move better, feel better and look better, call Marie Ande at Her Fitness, today to set up your Success Session.


You are made to move

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