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15 Reasons to exercise TODAY!

  1. Boost your energy, productivity, and creativity.
  2. You are tired of looking at your size “x” in the closet!
  3. To set an example for your daughter. She is watching you closely.
  4. To walk into a room and feel confident.
  5. You want to be smokin’ hot sexy.
  6. So you feel younger. Don’t let your kids beat you in a “Plank-off”!Physically-Fit-Women-Raffle
  7. You really want to turn the lights on when you have sex and feel good about that!
  8. To have more and better SEX!
  9. To feel accomplished.
  10. To feel PROUD.
  11. So you can go into the store and buy clothes directly from the rack!
  12. Because you said you wanted to start taking care of yourself.
  13. Because you are tired of being sick and tired.
  14. So you are NOT WINDED doing simple chores, stair climbing or a walk around the block.
  15. Because you are worth the time and effort…and the dishes/work/other people can wait for you.
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