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Hurricane Running Tips

Hurricane Irene is set to slam the tri-state area and beyond in just two more days. While most people are running to the grocery store and gas station I know there are a few die-hard people out there who just want to run…anywhere!

runners in rain

I found a list of tips that will be useful for doing your long run this weekend when Irene is suppose to be at her worst! Read on for some great advice :)

Hurricane Irene is set to hit the Jersey Shore on Sunday, August 28, 2011 – the peak time that most runners are scheduled to do their long runs.  Many are training for marathons and other distance events and just about nothing will stop them for their routine.  So here are some tips on running in a hurricane:

  1. If the eye is off the coast then the winds will be coming from the North. So if you are running on the boardwalks might be good to run north first going in land a few blocks and then head back on the boardwalk going south.  That way you will avoid most of the blowing sand and have a nice tail wind on the return.  Do the opposite if the eye is inland as the winds will be in the opposite direction.
  2. If you are running inland say in a park and on some trails watch out for falling trees and limbs.  You will be somewhat protected from the high winds on the trails.
  3. Running against the wind is a challenge but running with high winds can also present a challenge as it will push you and make you somewhat unstable so be careful and stay under control.
  4. Take some form of ID with you. Obvious reasons.
  5. Park your car where it won’t get flooded. Check your insurance policy if it covers flooding.
  6. Let someone know where you are running. Your will should be current as well.
  7. Try and find someone to run with. Good luck on that one!
  8. Watch out for flying debris like loose garbage cans, tree limbs.
  9. Don’t try to run over downed electrical wires.
  10. Skip the run and take the day off!
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