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Stop Making Excuses!

no excuses

NO EXCUSES! Start Exercising Now!

You’ve been doing it for a while now, probably longer than you realize. Making excuses not to exercise, that is. You feel weaker, your back aches, you feel too tired, or the kids are home. Tomorrow will be better; you’ll start tomorrow.

Yeah, right! Who are you kidding? If you don’t make the decision to start today, who knows when you will start working out?

Did you wake up one morning to see the scale read an extra 5, 10, 15 or more pounds? Maybe you don’t even step on the scale because you’re afraid to see the truth.

Don’t Let Time Get the Upper Hand

With every week, month and year that passes, your body conspires to make getting into shape harder. Your metabolism slows down as you age, adding weight that you’ll have a harder time shedding. Your growth hormone production slows down, making it even more of a challenge! What might have been a snap at age 20 will take more time and effort at 40.

Here’s the good news: You CAN absolutely get fit at ANY age! BUT…. the longer you put it off, the harder it will be to make those changes.

Your body is more primed to respond to exercise right NOW, than it will be even 6 months from now. If you happen to be that 40-year-old mom who starts working out today, you’ll soon be fitter than a 20 year old who’s sitting around still making excuses!

The Chicken or the Egg: The “Diet” or Exercise First Dilemma

Most busy moms who have more than just a few pound to lose think that “dieting” before starting an exercise program is easier. They’d be wrong.

It’s true that watching what you eat is a huge part of a fitter, trimmer life, but studies show that making the switch to healthier eating is easier when you’re already working out regularly.

Exercise will cause you to crave healthier foods and eating supportively will come naturally and easier so the pounds will melt off quicker!

NOT Exercising Makes You Even More Tired!

Maybe you’re waiting until you feel less exhausted and fatigued by work, family and all of your other responsibilities. As a busy mom, you will ALWAYS have a ton of things to do that will zap up your time and energy!

Here’s the good news: Exercise will INCREASE your energy throughout the day, so you will have more clarity and be able to get more done during your day.

You’ve just got to get the ball rolling (I know, it is the hardest step)!

It’s a Mental Game

Fitness is about being proactive mentally AND physically – putting it off will actually psyche you out. Don’t waste another ounce of energy thinking, “will I, won’t I?”; just do!

Adding regular exercise isn’t necessarily easy and the longer you wait to begin working out regularly, the more insurmountable a challenge it will seem.

Once you decide, though, take your first step…literally! Go for a walk or run, do some lunges and squats in your kitchen. Do something, anything to get moving.

Next, make a plan of action. Where and when will you exercise? Mark it in your calendar like it’s a dentist appointment – you don’t schedule anything else in that time slot.

What will you do? Lift weights, run intervals, go for a walk, join boot camp, hire a personal trainer.

What support will you get to keep you accountable? A friend, spouse or fitness professional.

Remember, action creates results. Decide right now to stop making excuses!

If you need more help implementing the best plan for you, call or e-mail TODAY and stop waiting! Together, we’ll figure out your next step!

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