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Conquer The World

Originally this article was going to be a fat burning tip, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the proper words because I was feeling like a hypocrite. As I am writing this article I’m having a great time on vacation at the shore with my family and some of my best friends.

empowered women

.….skip wine & ice cream?

To write about skipping a glass of red wine or passing on the ice cream cone you and your family just walked six blocks to get all for the sake of losing a pound of fat just wasn’t sitting right because I really wanted to enjoy those things.

So, during this morning’s workout a dilemma was circling in my head. How can I motivate, teach and inspire you to lead healthy lives, be fit and stay lean when I sometimes struggle to follow my own advice?

Develop Inner Strength With Exercise

Then, as I was sprinting hard, feeling strong, and feeling invincible in the moment, I was reminded of something truly important about exercise. Challenging your body is about empowerment! Yes, a big part of exercise for busy moms is to lose fat and control weight gain, but exercise also makes you feel great about yourself, no matter what the scale says today. You feel confident! You feel alive! You feel strong! You feel like you can conquer the world after a great workout!

To lose fat after a having baby, win a body building competition or finish a triathlon requires specific training. However, to get that feeling of inner strength only requires that your choice activity be challenging to you.

50 Pounds or 20 Push-Ups?

Lifting 50 pounds, doing 20 push-ups or running five miles might be tough for you while walking around the block is a challenge for someone else. The point is, to get the “I can do anything” feeling, choose an activity that challenges you and that you enjoy. It might be swimming, lifting weights, Zumba or boot camp. Whatever form of physical activity you choose to do make sure to push yourself, challenge yourself, do it regularly and enjoy the activity. You will feel great about yourself on the outside and the inside!

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Your Assignment:

  1. Exercise at least three times per week. Make it a non-negotiable appointment. Remember, it will enable you to conquer the world so you really will get everything else done!
  2. If you feel like you can do more… more! There’s a time and place for active recovery when your workouts will feel light, but most of the time, push yourself. Your muscles should feel tired and worked.
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