Feel good stretch for this busy season

It’s crunch time for many of us and it’s also a time where women completely stop taking care of themselves.

Instead of stopping all together, modify what you do.

Reduce the time you spend exercising.

Reduce the intensity.

Switch it up to and do something that will calm your nervous system like this quick mobility flow in the video below.

In the video I show you two ways (from a tall plank position and from your knees) to do this mobility stretch.

Remember to breathe (exhale as you look up at your hand) – take your time, slow it down, feel the stretch and the move through your shoulders, upper back and hips.

One tip that I didn’t mention in the video is this: as you are reaching UP, press DOWN in the floor with your hand. Get a nice long reach through the body.

Try 5 on each side.


(sound on to hear coaching cues)

Give it a go and let me know what you think!