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When women are successful, we are all successful…BUT,

“When women are successful, we are all successful.”

One of the reasons I started Her Fitness is because of my deep belief that when women take care of themselves through exercise, proper nutrition, and positive lifestyle choices (like getting enough sleep and spending time with her friends) their impact on the world around them is huge..and in a positive light.

Let’s face – “happy wife=happy life” – it’s for real!

So, when I heard a take on the quote above I believed it, BUT it also got me thinking about the word SUCCESS and what it means for a woman to be successful.

You see, I think the person who said it was referring to the financial success of women and she didn’t take into account that women have success in many ways and in many roles – and being successful in areas other than finance actually have a greater benefit to our individual lives and therefore, entire communities (the trickle down effect.)

Who’s to say that a woman has to have a career outside of the home to be considered successful?

When I see a woman who is at peace and happy, I see success.

When I see a woman with happy children, I see success.

When I see a woman thriving at work or career, I also see success.

When a woman takes care not to feel overburdened, I see success.

I think there are lots of ways to be successful and we shouldn’t define a woman’s success only as it relates to a job outside of the home.

Hopefully this e-mail lifts you up and reminds you that no matter your role, you can have success and it doesn’t matter what the mass messages of society tell you. What matters is what works for you and your family.

What do you think? How do you define success?

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