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What’s Your Self-Talk?

Do you monitor your self-talk?

What comes out of your mouth goes right back into your ears and straight to your subconscious.

Do you tell yourself that your body is a temple or do you say “I’m fat”?

How many times do you have to hear yourself say “I’m fat” before you start living and eating like a person who is fat?

Does this sound harsh? Sorry, but I’ve been there and I know many women who are there now…looking in the mirror and seeing only the fat on the body.

Today is the day you change what you are saying about yourself!

Try one of these:

“I’m beautiful”

“I’m strong”

“I have gorgeous skin”

“My hair is thick and shiny”

“I’m a loving person”

“I’m a great friend”

“I work hard and am happy to do so”

“I’m generous”

“God/my husband/my children/my mother/etc. loves me no matter what”

“My body gets me where I need to go”

Or, find your own new mantra that will replace a negative or the unsupportive self-talk you have now.


Whatever you view yourself as, you will become.

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