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Recovery & Rejuvenation Workshop March 1, 2014

“Who Else Would Like to Learn How to Use A Simple Fitness Tool To

Achieve More Flexibility and Get Rid Of Tight, Sore Muscles and Stay

Healthy and Feel Rejuvenated?

foam rolling t-spine


Foam Roll Hams




Flexibility Training With A Foam Roller Is More Than Just Reaching Down To Touch Your Toes…

  • Foam Rolling Impacts The Muscles At A Deeper Level
  • Foam Rolling Helps You Become Less Stiff and More Mobile
  • Foam Rolling Decreases Pain
  • Foam Rolling Breaks Up Scar Tissue And Adhesions That Are Holding You Back
  • Foam Rolling Can Be Used To Strengthen Your Core and Low Back
  • Foam Rolling Improves Life Function!

“Now’s Your Chance to Learn How to Use This Incredible Exercise Tool and Discover the

Beautiful, Healthy

and Fit Body Inside You!”

And That’s Only ONE Tool!


Flemington Boot Camps Personal Trainer and Professional Fitness Coach,

Marie Ande, will

show you other “mini-massage” tools that are

readily available and EASY to TRAVEL with.



We will ALSO Cover:


  • How Your Nutrition Is Stressing You Out

  • Better Sleeping Tips So You Recover

  • Tips For Stretching At The Office Or Hotel


Who is this workshop for?


  • Desk Jockeys – those who sit at a computer or in a car for long periods develop muscle tightness particularly in the upper back and neck region and sometimes the low back.
  • People Who Workout – you tend to push yourself during your workouts and a weekly visit to the massage therapist just isn’t happening.
  • Type A Personalities – You’re always on “GO” and you never give your body a chance to rest and the stress is breaking your body down. You feel stiff and painful or get sick and can’t shake it. Perhaps you get headaches regularly.
  • Weekend Warriors – either in a sport/recreation, at the gym or extra chores around the house, you need to recover from hours of irregular, yet heavy, loads of work that your body just isn’t used to!
  • Athletes – young and not-so-young athletes do repetitive motions and postures that leave the body imbalanced, stiff and tight feeling.


Date: Saturday, March 1

Time: 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Location: 13 Stangl Road, Flemington


after February 22, the price goes up by $10

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