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Get phenomenal results TODAY!

How does one get phenomenal results today? You get these results by taking action on one small thing…today.


Have you ever thought to yourself “I’m going to lose 10 pounds over the next couple of weeks. All I have to do is X, X, and X.”? A couple of weeks go by and your pants are still too tight.

 Instead of making some grandiose statement about all the things you won’t eat and how you’ll start to exercise every single day until the 10 pounds comes off, set yourself up for success by doing the following:


  1. Change ONE small thing and do it day in and day out (or week in and week out). Some examples are: commit to exercising three times per week, take a high quality whole foods multi-vitamin every day, get to bed by 10:00 p.m. every night, eat breakfast every day or give up coffee.


It’s the small things, when added up over a long period of time, will have a BIG impact on your health and fitness.


  1. Find and receive support. Someone has to have your back when you begin to slip into old patterns.  Enlist the help of someone with knowledge who can hold you accountable and is non-judgmental. Usually this person is an expert, but sometime it can be a friend, co-worker or mentor.



It’s not impossible to achieve real results quickly.  In fact, I’ve seen FAST RESULTS many times with my clients! Decrease in body fat, having more energy, less bloating, and smaller waist and hip measurements in as little as three weeks, however, the longest lasting results I’ve seen are those who are willing to commit the time and effort to make small changes over the course of time. Those with the most success at fat loss and improved health consistently practice “new” habits (by the way, this includes how they think and what they say to themselves).


Action Steps:

  1. Make a list of what you know needs to change. Pick the easiest one, the one thing you know you can do and do it – every day (or every week).
  2. Find someone to hold you accountable, teach you what you don’t know and who can coach you through the steps.
  3. Sign Up for Flemington Boot Camps Sprint To Spring Break so you get the support you need! ;)





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