15 Things You Can Do In 15 Minutes That Will Improve Your Health & Happiness

15 Things You Can Do In 15 Minutes That Will Improve Your Health & Happiness


  1. Walk.
  2. Interval sprints.
  3. Circuit train with using only body weight.
  4. Power nap.
  5. Listen to a pod-cast or TED Talk that improves your outlook on life, personal development, strengthens your relationships at home or work, teaches you something that helps you be better at what you do (I listen to The Strength Coach, The Paleo Solution, Primal Diet, Katy Says with Katy Bowman, ONE Place, Tony Robbins, The True Performance Show by Zig Ziglar and more).
  6. Sit outside, drinking a glass of lemon water and feeling gratitude for all you have. While you’re at it throw a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes and get straw for the water.
  7. Foam roll or stretch.
  8. Call a good friend and talk about anything except other people or politics.
  9. Play with your dog or loving pets.
  10. Play with the kiddos.
  11. Make a green smoothie and drink said smoothie.
  12. Listen to guided meditation.
  13. Turn OFF Facebook, the news, the phone and all other media outlets that make you think other people have better lives or that the world will end tomorrow.
  14. Weed the garden
  15. De-Clutter one space (set the timer for this and STOP when it goes off)

Part of improving your health means feeling at peace with your life. Being happy with the amount time you spend working versus not working will decrease how much stress you perceive that you have. Too much stress over too long a time will kill you (slowly, but surely).

So take some time today to do something for YOU!

As much as I want you to exercise and move your body daily, I also want you to have down time without feeling guilty.

I’m here to help. For women who are ready to put themselves on the “To-Do” list and do something for themselves, I can show you, teach you and inspire you to become the best version of YOU. Call me today to set up your Success Session and get started on your new body and life. My number is 908-963-527. E-mail me at Marie@HerFitnessNJ.com