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If you want more for your life start with these 3 things

If you want more for your life…

According the National Institutes of Health, most people are overweight or obese. Of men and women over 20 years, 70% are overweight or obese

That is why you can’t be like most people and you’ll have to be different.

Chances are that most of the time you are surrounded by people who are overweight or obese.

If you want more for your life, if you want  to be healthy, FIT and strong, you’ll need different habits those people.

Think about it.

MOST people don’t exercise.

MOST people don’t get enough sleep.

MOST people live in a state of high stress.

MOST people think they don’t have control over their actions and make excuses.

MOST people eat more sugar than they should.

You get the point.

Your daily habits and rituals create your results.

So how do you change those habits and rituals?
First and foremost, change your thinking. Thoughts lead to vision, vision leads to action. If it’s your paradigm that “everyone gets fat as they age” or “you have to starve yourself to lose weight” or “exercise is boring and you have to do it for more than an hour or it’s no good”, than your subconscious mind is probably preventing you from the healthy, fit and strong body you desire and CAN achieve.



 The only thing keeping you from getting what you want



Second, set your priorities and your plan. In other words, use strategies that help you stick with your pre-determined desired actions.

Here are some priorities that may be taking a back seat in your life right now, but ask any woman who is lean and strong and she’ll tell you that these things are part of her regular schedule, her habits and rituals.

  1. Get 8 hours sleep (or how many hours you need)
  2. Grocery shop regularly
  3. Meal plan
  4. Meal prep
  5. Scheduling down time
  6. Scheduling time to exercise

Can’t find the time? Then you don’t have time to be healthy, fit, or strong.

Instead of making the same old “Not enough time” excuse, monitor your days for one week and count how many hours you watch television, scan the internet, interact with people you don’t even know on Facebook, read trash magazines or do other activities that don’t truly improve the quality of your life.

I bet you’ll find some “hidden” time.

Third, TAKE ACTION. It only has to be one thing. You don’t need to change everything today. Pick something, one thing, that will move you forward. Don’t be overwhelmed with being overwhelmed.


“The way to get started is by stop talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

e ready to take action, give me a call at 908-963-5257 to set up your FREE Success Session at Her Fitness. The way to reach your fitness goals is to surround yourself with people who’ve done what you want to do!







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