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Will You Be Living Your Dream This Time Next Year Or Having Regrets?

I was having lunch with an old friend, a college roommate – you know the kind of friend that no matter how much time has passed, you sit down and pick up where you left off, the good for your soul type? Yeah, that kind.

I wanted her opinion on something important in my life and she woke me up with the line” You could be living your dream next year or you could be having regrets. Which will it be?”

Boy, that stuck like glue. It got in my head!

I was viewing my situation from the fear perspective.

So, of course, the next thing that I thought of was “how many of my clients, how many of my friends and women I know could be living their dreams this time next year as it relates to their body and their health and fitness?”

I started wondering who is viewing their situation from fear, like I was?

Who is Not seeing her Dream?

I talked with my friend about the obvious fears. She said “Your fears are coming from the devil. Love comes from God. Remember, if you don’t let fear stop you from your dream, ask God to be with you EVERY step of the way. Pray, pray, pray.”  And, BAM… that’s what she said.

Weather you believe in God and the Devil, it doesn’t matter, because we all have fears that hold us back at some point.

I hope that, by reading this, it opens your eyes like mine were opened. I didn’t even realize I was thinking from fear rather than from prosperity and possibilities.

So, remember….You could be living your dream next year or you could be having regrets.

Which will it be?

Let me know if you have any questions. 

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