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Take One Step For Permanent Fat Loss

One step for permanent fat loss?  Does it sound too easy to be true?  Well, that’s the beauty of it….this one step is easy and it is true!

So now you’re wondering what the step is, but I’ve already told you.   It is just one step, day after day. It’s so simple that many people overlook the effectiveness of taking one small action step in the right direction, day after day. 

Let’s say you want to lose 50 pounds (or 30 or 10 or even just 5 pounds).  In your head you tell yourself how hard it’s going to be, that you will feel deprived, that you can’t enjoy your child’s birthday cake next week if you start your “diet” today. (By the way, I hate that word when used as a weight loss technique).   Instead of thinking this is a big project and your whole life is going to change, all you really have to do is one small thing…today, tomorrow and the next day. 

To continue with the example above, here are some action steps that you can take today that will make a difference by the end of the month: 

1.      Take a walk around the block

2.      Eat half the French fries, potato chip, etc. that you normally do

3.      Have one glass of wine instead of two

4.      If you don’t eat breakfast have a handful of raisins and almonds

5.      Add a salad to your lunch

6.      Do one push-up

7.      Do one squat

8.      Eat one piece of fruit instead of the cookies

9.      Have one extra vegetable today

10. Do one more rep during your workout 

Really, it’s that simple!  Find exercise and eating habits in your life where you can take one step today, an additional step tomorrow and continue. By the end of the month you will be amazed how you developed an entire set of new habits that will guarantee you lose all the weight you want to…one step at a time.

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